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The GRID 2.0 is twice as long as the GRID to accommodate larger bodies or offer a more stable surface. Use the GRID 2.0 for a self-massage and roll through the tight muscles, knots and kinks that prevent feeling good and moving well. The GRID 2.0 foam roller is designed with proprietary Distrodensity zones.

TriggerPoint GRID foam rollers feature a patented design that offers a multi-density exterior constructed over a rigid, hollow core for superior effectiveness and durability. The GRIDs sturdy construction withstands repeated use while maintaining shape and integrity. Unlike traditional foam rollers, the distinctive, multi-dimensional surface of the GRID replicates the feeling of a massage therapists hands to help channel blood, improve oxygen flow, and heal tissue.

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Rollers can prepare the body for peak performance by helping users recover from injuries, relieving muscle and joint pain, and improving circulation, flexibility, balance and mobility.

Features and benefits:

  • Signature patented multi-density foam surface with GRID pattern is designed to replicate a massage therapists hand, to channels blood and oxygen to tissue to aid in muscle repair
  • Hard, hollow core hand-wrapped in EVA foam makes it firmer than traditional foam rollers
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