A uniquely designed sacroiliac belt, The Com-Pressor allows pelvic support positioning to be customized to the patient's needs.

The Com-Pressor is a superior pelvic compression belt that helps promote pelvically and core stability during retraining of impaired lumbopelvic core muscles that may develop from pregnancy, surgery, sprains, and more.

Developed by Diane Lee, PT, the patented Com-Pressor allows both the location and level of compression to be easily adjusted around the pelvic girdle using individually applied elastic compression bands. The user places the inelastic belt on first and, then, the support bands can be applied exactly where support is needed. For example, Diane Lee performs a test where she compresses the pelvis in different positions and has the patient lift each leg. Once determining which compression positions yielded the best results, the bands can be placed in those exact spots for personalized relief.

The Com-Pressor pelvic belt is ideal for a number of lumbopelvic conditions, from postpartum women to those recovering from injuries such as groin strains, lower abdominal strains, sacroiliac joint instability, hernia, osteitis pubis or impaired core muscle function. It helps restore a functional corset of pelvic compression allowing confident and comfortable core muscle retraining and strengthening.

Non-slip comfort assures user compliance and maximum results, and the low profile design allows patients to wear The Com-Pressor under clothing without unsightly bulkiness. Each Com-Pressor includes one inelastic belt, four elastic compression straps, and an instruction booklet; replacement straps are available separately. This product contains latex.


X-Small/Small - Hip Size: 32 - 36 inch

Medium/Large - Hip Size 37 - 44 inch

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