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Magnoplasm Paste is a magnesium sulfate-glycerol paste packed into a handy to use tub of 100g. The paste itself contains glycerol 44% w/w and magnesium sulfate dried 48% w/w.

Magnoplasm paste exerts a powerful osmotic action on living cells. It is a useful initial treatment for abscesses, boils, blind pimples and carbuncles. It is commonly known as a 'drawing ointment' and can be used to remove splinters and other foreign bodies. Magnoplasm paste is spread (about 5mm thick) on the inflamed area needing treatment and then covered with a non-adhesive dressing. This bandage is then changed after 12 to 24 hours. It can be applied cold, straight from the tub or warmed to aid spreading. You may need to reapply Magnoplasm paste and repeat the process if the problem persists. Magnoplasm paste should not be applied on newly granulated areas to avoid overgranulation and excessive scarring. 

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