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teeze For Feet are designed to fit into men's and women's shoes when you want to keep your toes nice and warm. Use them at footy matches when you're freezing in the stands, at outdoor weddings, at the races or when you're skiing or fishing.
Hotteeze Heat Pads are perfect for those times when you need a steady supply of heat. Unlike a wheatbag or hot water bottle which are bulky and visible, Hotteeze are discreet, portable and last a lot longer. Use Hotteeze to comfort tired muscles. Take them outdoors or anywhere you will feel the cold.

How do Hotteeze work?
Just open the packet and expose the pad to air..within minutes your Hotteeze will start warming up! Hotteeze body pads last for 12 hours and the toe warmers for 5 hours. Keep them in your bag for peace of mind- you'll never be cold again!

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