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Flexeze Patches are the safe, convenient way to relieve tense or tight muscles for up to 12 hours. Each patch contains a soft, flexible backing that adheres to underclothing and can be removed easily. It bends and flexes as you move.

FlexEze Air-Activated Heat Patches are designed to warm gradually and reach maximum heat in approx 30 minutes. Air-actived, we recommend you do not open pouch until ready to use.

Directions: Open pouch, remove patch and peel off protective strip. Apply patch to underclothing over troublesome area, sticky side down. Press firmly. DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY ONTO SKIN, IF SKIN IS SENSITIVE. In such circumstances heat patches should be used with the heat FlexEze wrap.

Combining the FlexEze Body Wrap with the FlexEze Heat Patch, allows you to treat a larger area and easily reposition patches. Ideal for overnight use and people with sensitive skin

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