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This kit takes a whole new approach to traditional midsized athletic training kits. Using a combination of thermoformed shells, a rigid skeletal system, and total modularity, this kit is the ultimate in organization, accessibility, and protection 

  • Ten removable modules featuring the RigidLite Tape Carrier and nine clear top zippered bags each bag made from components that keep their shape when empty, allowing for maximum customization of your kit and giving you quick access to the supplies you are looking for. "Slick" nylon side fabric ensures modules slip in and out of the kit with ease


  • Rigid PVC skeletal system provides structure, support, and organization by creating custom compartments for each of the ten modules included in the kit and preventing crushing of the bag


  • Outer shell protects your valuable equipment using a combination of thermoformed rigid foam and a rigid Polyethylene shell laminated with 1680 ballistic nylon and "RipStop" materials

Dimensions: 48cm x 35.5cm x 28cm

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