Senokot Tablets provide comfortable overnight relief in a small, convenient tablet. Senokot Tablets are a natural source laxative for comfortable, overnight relief of occasional constipation.


Our gastrointestinal tract is filled with both good and bad bacteria. It is the imbalance of these good and bad bacteria which can challenge digestive health. GastroHealth's 4 scientifically studied species of probiotic helps support...


Fast relief from indigestion, heartburn, upset stomach, flatulence and wind pain.Benefits of MYLANTA Original Fast and effective relief from indigestion, heartburn, upset stomach, flatulence and wind pain. Pleasant mint flavour. Available in liquid and tablets...


Gaviscon Relief Tablets bring fast, soothing relief from the burning pain of heartburn and the discomfort of indigestion. Helps protect inflamed oesophagael tissue - helps prevent further inflammation by forming a physical barrier to reflux....


The main ingredient in Gaviscon, alginic acid, works as an anti-reflux agent. It reacts with the acid found in the stomach to produce a frothy layer over the stomach contents, which then prevents reflux. The...


Epsom Salts provides temporary relief of muscular aches and stiffness of joints and as a laxative.


Eno Lemon can quickly provide temporary relief heartburn and acid indigestion and also provides refreshing temporary relief from stomach upsets. Eno works by neutralising the excess acid in your stomach.


Coloxyl with senna is a dual action laxative, which provides fast relief from constipation within 6-12 hours. It contains two active ingredients, docusate sodium and senna. Docusate works by drawing water into the stool, making...


Fast relief from symptoms of heartburn, upset stomach, acid indigestion with headache and body aches with effervescent Alka-Seltzer antacid and pain reliever. It contains an analgesic for pain accompanied by heartburn and acid indigestion.

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