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Triangular Bandages are a must have item for every first aid kit, for the immobilisation and support of arms, shoulders and ribs.     The non-woven triangular bandage is a cost effective lightweight, single use disposable bandage....


Provides support and elevation for arm and wrist related injuries. Reversible for either arm with comfort pad to stop pressure around the neck and shoulder.


Designed to maintain forearm in the position of rest, limiting arm movement.


General Description: Bleached white and calico bandages that can be washed and re-used. Over locked to reduce fraying and have sufficient strength to withstand pressure exerted by a resting arm. Being lightweight, they are more...


CollarForm is a strong, stretch resistant sling made of a 5cm wide strip of dense foam that can be cut to required lengths, and is covered with a pure cotton stockinette. CollarForm is ideally designed to immobilize the...


The padded strap and Y-tab closure system provide effective vertical support to the collarbone and upper limb area. Features and Benefits: Extra patient comfort with a padded strap Y-tab hook system facilitates secure clinical positioning...

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