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Neck Contour pack measures 15cm x 51cm. Reusable hot cold pack designed specifically for the neck. The pack helps treat tension headaches, strains, sprains, and other injuries that respond to hot or cold therapy. Store...


Multifunctional Medi-Paks are malleable and anatomically shaped for patient comfort. These packs used hot or cold will contour to the larger muscle areas that require attention, providing the user positioning versatility. 


The Medi-Pak Small is widely used for period pain and arthritis discomfort. It is excellent for the reduction of swelling and muscle fatigue.Covers are available for the Medi Small.


The Medi-Pak Medium is widely used for minor sport injuries and bruising. It is excellent for headaches and migraines. Used warm the Medium pack relieves muscle tension and can help promote blood flow to damaged...


Coolxchange gel bandage is: Ready to use anywhere, anytime, Doesn't require refrigeration Provides immediate, and continuous cooling for up to 2 hours Self-adhesive No mess, no smell Reusable Proven technology Clinical studies show coolxchange gel...


Hot/Cold pack is specially designed for comfortable and convenient, application of heat or cold painful areas of the body. DosageCold application- leave in the freeze for 15-20min then wrap in towel and use,Hot application -...

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