Sterile Cohesive Bandage with absorbent gauze pad


Lightplast® Pro is a hand-tearable light elastic adhesive tape, suitable for light support or compression. The unique fabric backing helps to conform to body movement. Ideal for all-purpose taping.


Hand-tearable light elastic adhesive tape Suitable for light support or compression Unique fabric backing helps to conform to body movement Ideal for all-purpose taping Indicated for sprains & strains and prophylactic use against sport injuries...


Pre-cut, adhesive squares that help prevent pinching, chaffing & blistering in friction prone areas.


This tape is made from soft PVC and adhesive rubber making it flexible and easy to tear by hand. This tape is moisture resistant and heat resistant up to 60 degrees Celsius making it suitable...


Dynamic Taping is a novel approach that uses a specially designed, highly elastic tape to contribute energy into the kinetic chain. Developed by a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, it is not designed to limit range like rigid...


Dynamic Tape is a different tool for a different job. It is made from very different materials, has completely different physical properties and is used very differently to rigid athletic tapes or the colourful kinesiology...


Durable construction to prevent breaking Cuts through tape quickly Replacement blade cartridges Cartridge's design prevents accidental lacerations Length 21cm

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