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Tape Measure is lightweight and accurately printed in both-inches and centimetres. This flexible tape measure is perfect for measuring curved or flat surfaces.


Fix the top portion of the unit to a wall 2 metres above the floor, then lower the bottom portion to the students head and read the measurement. Stature meter.


The plastic 360ø scale ISOM (International Standards of Measurement) goniometers have ahead with three scales calibrated for use with the ISOM system. The clear plastic permits observation of the joint's axis of motion and range of motion. The...


A simple device, designed by physical therapists, which registers changing pressure in an air-filled pressure cell allowing body movement, especially spinal movement, to be detected during exercise The unit consists of a combined gauge and...


The Omron HN-283 Digital Body Weight Scale uses 4 sensors for greater precision to accurately measure body weight. It's large and easy to read LCD screen clearly displays body weight between 5kg and 150kg (in...

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