The ThermoActive? Knee Support is uniquely designed to provide knee pain relief to all 4 areas of your knee simultaneously: above the patella, below the patella, left of the patella, and right of the patella. Utilizing adjustable straps combined with the compression pump allows you to apply specific pressure to each of these areas. The precise anatomical fitting allows you to walk with support during treatment.


Ligament injuries and strains (ACL, PCL, MCL), meniscus strain or injury, patella tendonitis, chondromalacia, bursitis, arthritis, Post-Surgery Treatment.


Anatomical Wrap, Gel Pack, one pair of Extender Straps & Removable Hand Pump

To fit the knee support correctly, there are 2 measurements that are required: The circumference below the knee and the circumference above the knee.
Fits circumference up to 20" below the knee as is or up to 30" with extender straps that are included
Fits circumference up to 21" above the knee as is or up to 31" with extender straps that are included.

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