Refresh eye drops are designed to comfort irritated, dry and tired eyes, suitable for all contact lens wearers, and come in convenient single-use containers.
Refresh eye drops are preservative free and will not cause allergies or adverse reactions associated with eye drop preservatives. People with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers can confidently use Refresh eye drops.
Eye drops are prone to bacterial contamination and are therefore generally discarded 4 weeks from the time of first opening the bottle. Refresh eye drops are different. Each single-use container remains sterile until it is opened. Therefore there is no need to discard Refresh eye drops like bottled eye drops. Additionally, the single-use containers of Refresh eye drops are convenient and easy to carry.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your health care professional. Incorrect use could be harmful. Please note that a pharmacist may be required to speak to the patient before we can process your order.

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