Betadine First Aid Cream is recommended for grazes, minor burns and scalds and the treatment of minor infections.


Bepanthen Antiseptic Cream is for the temporary relief of Nappy Rash and is also usedfor the treatment of cuts, scalds, stings and sunburn.Bepanthen Antiseptic Cream has been formulated with an antiseptic, to help killgerms, making...


AeroAid Antiseptic satchets are for the relief of minor cuts & abrasions, minor burns, sunburn, insect bites, stings & itches.  Contains: Melaleuca Oil 47.5 mg/g, Phenoxyethanol & hydroxybenzoates  Directions for use: Apply to the affected...


Tuffie 5 cleaning and disinfectant wipes are ideal for the patient care environment where cleanliness and eradication of bacteria is required. Impregnated with a low-level biocide. Wipes are large, strong and easy to use. The...


Aerowipe® Povidone Iodine Swabs are ideally designed to prevent infections in scrapes, burns and minor cuts. These highly effective antiseptic swabs prepare skin before surgical applications. For health care units, Aerowipe® Povidone Iodine Swabs are...


70% Isopropyl Alcohol disinfectant surface wipes. Wipe size: 14cm x 26cm. 23gsm cloth. Each canister contains 120 wipes. Australian made. ARTG: L64731.


These sterile, skin cleansing swabs allow for fast and easy skin cleansing. Medi-Swab are made in a 2 ply non-woven material impregnated with 70 per cent Isopropyl Alcohol BP. They are sealed in a single,...


Thick, soft and absorbent, for a safe, gentle yet thorough clean. Triple Clean Technology. Alcohol, soap, paraben & MIT free. Helps protect against nappy rash.


70 per cent Isopropyl alcohol impregnated multipurpose wipes. Designed for sanitising clean surfaces.100 wipe per canister.


AeroWipe Skin prep wipes contain 70% Isopropyl Alcohol which is an effective antibacterial formula for cleansing the skin prior to injection.

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