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Cuff sizes: Adult- 54cm x 14.5cm Large Adult- 64cm x 17cmX-Large Adult- 78cm x 22cm


The Omron Standard blood pressure monitor provides simple and accurate blood pressure readings without compromising user comfort. Product Features One Touch Use Easy one touch operation allows home blood pressure monitoring that is both simple...


The Omron Deluxe blood pressure monitor provides simple, reliable and accurate blood pressure measurement at the touch of a button. The Deluxe blood pressure monitor also incorporates a 60-reading memory with date and time.  ...


Fits arm circumference:Medium- 22cm x 32cmLarge- 32cm x 42cm Latex free Suits most Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors: HEM7211 HEM7200 HEM7203 IA2 SEM2 SEM1 M33


Black enamel 300 mmHg no stop pin manometer  Velcro cuff, complete with bladder, bulb and valve  Chrome plated deflation valve  One-handed use, suitable for both right and left hands  Range 0-300 mmHg  Complete with leatherette...

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