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2TOMS Blistershield Powder protects against blisters, hot spots and calluses by creating a frictionless barrier between clothes and skin. The blistershield creates a water barrier keeping skin dry, it is non greasy and lasts all day.


The 2TOMS Blistershield Shaker allows the user to carefully pour the blistershield powder into gloves, socks or shoes for long lasting protection against blisters, hot spots and calluses.


The 2TOMS Sportshield Roll-On prevents rubbing, chafing and blisters by eliminating the friction between clothes and skin, creating a waterproof barrier that will not come off when exposed to sweat.


The 2TOMS Sportshield Towelette is effective in preventing rubbing, chafing and blisters by creating a frictionless barrier between clothes and skin. The towelette lasts all day and will not come off when exposed to sweat but...


If you are looking to incorporate hot stones into their treatment menu this is an ideal starter set, simple, practical and economical. Basalt stones have a volcanic origin and are the most recommended type for...


3M Avagard General Hand and Body Wash- Intercompatible product maintaining efficacy of antiseptic range.- Two in one product for application use when a non-active hand/skin cleanser is required. ie. routine/social.- Gentle on the skin with...


3M Avagard General Moisturising Barrier Lotion- Hydrates, nourishes and protects the skin's outer layers, replacing moisture and oils lost by constant hand washing. This prevents cracked, dry skin which may harbour more pathogens, thus reducing...


3M Avagard Metal Bracket suitable for walls, beds and trolleys designed for use with 500mL Avagard products


2cm x 2cm Resting EKG Electrode, Tab Style, (10 Each per Strip) Benefit Tab-style electrode has a pressure-sensitive conductive adhesive that is easy to apply and remove and provides rapid and intimate skin contact to...


This deluxe set of 54 massage stones would suit both beauty and massage therapists looking to incorporate massage stones into their treatment options. The set has a mixture of basalt stones for placement, massage and...


OUT OF STOCK until mid to late June Backorders are currently being taken. Creped paper roll for bed protection 550mm wide 80m per roll 6 rolls per carton


Marble is a naturally cool stone, suited to cooling massage treatments. They act as a powerful decongestant, helping to diffuse swelling in the circulatory system making it ideal for working on inflammation and sporting injuries....

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